Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sick With the Flu!

I have the flu, so a lot of time on my hands. Mostly spent sleeping but when I'm not I've been busy making new products. More to come but here are a handful. I also will be posting the freebies shortly.

I am now making some of the collage sheets in JPG format. I also have converted some of the older sheets, certain ones, into JPG files. These can be located in the section of JPG Sheets on Etsy and Ecrator. Also randomly sprinkled through out my bonanzle store.

Wanda the Witch Paper Doll PDF Collage Sheet: $3.75

The Wicked Witches of North and South JPG Collage Sheet $2.25
Spring Fairy Babies JPG Collage Sheet $2.00
The Love of Wolves Microslide Pdf Collage Sheet $3.00

1x2 Inch Halloween Grunge JPG Collage Sheet $1.50
Captured Fairy Princess JPG Collage Sheet $2.75

E.A.Poe Quotes JPG Collage Sheet $1.50

Captured Bottles and Jars JPG Collage Sheet $2.00

Black Cats JPG Collage sheet $2.00

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