Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grimms Fairy Tales Digital collage Sheets

Grimms Fairy Tale Ink Sketches1:$2.75 Grimms Fairy Tale Ink Sketches2:$2.75 Grimms Fairy Tale Ink Sketches3:$2.75 Grimms Fairy Tale Full Color Ink Sketches4:$2.00 Grimms Fairy Tale Cover Letter Sketches1:$1.00 These come from a Grimms Fairy Tale book that is over 120 years old. The book unfortunately is falling apart so to preserve the inkwork I scanned and created these digital collage sheets for you! As with all my sheets these are 8.5x11 digital so you can print and use the PDF file as often as you would like on any kind of paper,sticker or transfers. For commercial or noncommercial use just not to be made into collage sheets or sold as is. Email me if you have any questions!

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